Roan Lodge

Roan Lodge

Roan Lodge is situated opposite the main house at Lothlorien and was opened in April 2003. It provides accommodation for 5 people and offers a balance between communal and individual living. Each person has a large bedsit room and there is a shared kitchen and living room. The group shares responsibility for shopping and upkeep of the house and sometimes eats together. Decisions on the day to day running of the household are taken at the weekly household meeting

Roan Lodge is intended to be a safe and secure environment, where the benefits gained from participating in the structured lifestyle at Lothlorien can be consolidated. The overall focus is on developing greater independence and autonomy than is possible within the main house at Lothlorien. This is achieved through pursuing outside interests such as voluntary work or training as well as working in the communal vegetable garden and taking joint responsibility for running the household.The Core Group facilitates the group in running the house and offers individual support to residents. There is, however, an expectation that residents at Roan Lodge will have a lesser need of emotional support than when they were at Lothlorien.

The two houses

Roan Lodge offers medium term accommodation, normally with a maximum stay of up to 5 years.

Roan Lodge will only consider people who have had previous contact with Lothlorien. If others wish to apply to Roan Lodge, they would first need to spend some time in Lothlorien before being considered for Roan Lodge.